Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today is kind of a big deal for me.

I'm not going to go into detail yet.  But, just think about me today. 

I'm hoping everything works out!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What We've Cooked Wednesday.

So, last night, I made the most amazing meatballs and mashed potatoes.  Ever.  And, I can brag about it because it wasn't my recipe! (Well, the mashed potatoes were, but who doesn't know how to boil potatoes, then put them in the mixer with milk, butter and salt and whip them until they're fluffy and lump-less?)  I was going to take pictures and post them, but then I realized that The Pioneer Woman already did that for it really would be redundant for me to do the same. (Okay, okay, you've got me...I forgot to take pictures until I was half-way through the process, so I came up with this excuse!)

Anyway, here's the recipe.  It's so good.  We added sriracha instead of tabasco because that's our hot sauce of choice, but I followed the rest of the recipe exactly.

Seriously.  You have to go make these.  They are so very good. 

And, then we had Mary Jane's Chocolates for dessert.  Last night was not a very healthy night, to say the least! But it was so good, I don't even care.  I'm doing Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred with Christy, so I'm working out to burn off all those calories I consumed last night! :)

Have a happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Because It's Tuesday...

And because I haven't blogged in (gasp!) two weeks, I'm going to tell the few of you blog readers that have hung around to see if I was going to post, some of the things I love the most.

I love when it storms during the day.  Now, at night, I'm not a fan of storms.  At. All.  They're very scary.  But, during the day, I absolutely love when there's a huge thunderstorm (quite like today, I might add).  I especially love when it storms in the Fall because all the leaves are forced off their trees and swirl around making everything lovely and colorful.

I love when my adorable niece gives me "kisses."  Now, it's really just that she opens her mouth and leaves forward toward my face, but I love the slobbery, wet mark she leaves on my face.  I just love her. 

I love when I get to sleep for almost 12 hours on a weeknight (last night).  Yes, I did go to bed a little after 8, but I really don't care.  I feel great today!

Well, the tornado sirens are going off, telling me that it is time to wrap up my blog and head for the basement!

More tomorrow...I promise!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend in Ohio

We went to visit my family in Pandora, Ohio, over the weekend.

Never heard of it?  Oh, well, I didn't expect for you to...It's a town of about 800 or so. :)  But, it's "home" to me.  It's where my grandparents live. 

I'm back home now, stuffed from my grandma's amazing food, filled to the brim with my grandfather's coffee (Really, it's the best. Ever.), supplied with local apple cider, corn-mazed out, and am missing everyone already.  My parents came up to visit, too, so it was a weekend surrounded by family, which we all need from time to time.

My fabulous aunt, Sandy, took some great pictures of JD and me, of the dogs and us, and of my whole family.  They came out really good.  So, I thought I'd post a few of my favorites for you all, my faithful blog readers, to enjoy.  Let me know which are your favorite, cause we're going to get some framed.

Man, I love my life, my family, my amazing husband, and of course, my dogs! :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's a Very Important Day...

In the lives of my two favorite little friends.

You are a miracle.  I love you.  I'll even let you toot on me today and disrespect my pillows.  I have loved being able to see you grow up and learn and walk and talk and become this amazing little girl.  You're so beautiful!  Keep fighting!!  You've been so strong for five years, what's 100 more?? :)

Happy 6th Birthday!  You make me smile!  I don't think I've ever had such a good friend!  It makes my week every time you come and snuggle next to me and tell your mom that you'd like to live with me!  Love you!  Don't ever stop being who you are!  And, always keep your sense of style!

You're both wonderful girls!  If I have a girl one day anywhere near how amazing the two of you are, I will  be very, very lucky!

And, you both have excellent examples to live up to.  Your moms are my best friends and absolutely amazing women! 

*Side note:  Sorry, Jen and Terry that I "borrowed" your daughters' pictures from facebook.  They were so cute, I couldn't resist.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I Love Monday...

It's Fall.

It's October.

My house is decorated for Fall.

I have already drank so much apple cider it's not even funny.

I get to see my grandparents this weekend.

I get to go in a huge corn maze this weekend.

I wake up completely under the covers because it's cold.

It's perfect bonfire weather.

I get to wear warm socks.

I get to wear sweaters and jackets and leggings.

I got a brand new pair of boots on Saturday that I will be wearing all the time.  You know, since it's Fall.

I am reading through Harry Potter.  Again.  J.K. Rowling is an amazing storyteller.  I love her.  And Harry.

I am back to knitting hats and scarves and have finished quite a few. 

It's hat and scarf weather.

It's hard not to be happy in October.