Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wait is Over!!

Okay.  I know I have been a horrible blogger recently.  I apologize.  Really.  I'm ready to start anew.

Now for the big news!  JD and I are now the owners (at least we will be on April 4th) of our very own atomic ranch!!!!!  We are so in love with our new home, you all have no idea!  But, our adorable place needs some major work (I mean there is awful wood paneling with about 50 layers of shellac all over the kitchen,  and  nasty dog-smelling carpet everywhere.).  All the work just means that we get to make the place our own.  So, we have spent the past week (after we found out for sure that we were getting the house) picking out paint colors, tile, granite, and appliances.  It's a bit overwhelming, but so exciting at the same time!

Coming VERY soon are some "before" pictures.  The only ones I have right now are of poor quality of the inside only.  I will give you one sneak peek, though, of the living room, just because I am so in love with our new fireplace. 

Isn't it so amazing?  Now, imagine it without that awful picture hanging on it, the carpet taken up (there's beautiful hardwood underneath), a bright, fun green on the walls, and the trim painted white.  Add our gray, green, and yellow furniture and beautiful drapes made by my mother-in-law, and voila! you have our new living room.

So, I plan to be updating this blog regularly with our progress on the house as well as the raised garden we're going to be doing in the back yard AND recipes in my brand-new, perfect-in-my-eyes kitchen (eventually, you know, once it is complete).

We're so excited. I hope you stay tuned to read about all our work on our atomic ranch.


Jordan said...

Very exciting! Being able to make your home your own is wonderful :)
You'll have to explain one thing: what is an atomic ranch??

Brittany said...


I know, we're so excited!

An atomic ranch is the name for a ranch-style house that was built in the 1950s. It's just another name for a mid-century modern ranch.

Check out this magazine for more information:

I only hope to have a house half as neat as those in that magazine, but I'm going to try my hardest!

Jordan said...

Very coo! Looks great :) I thought at first it was some sort of "green" movement I hadn't heard of! lol